Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Reading: SQL Server MVP Deep Dives

Today's recommendation is "SQL Server MVP Deep Dives," a collection of excellent articles by SQL MVP on a variety of topics.

I just got this this weekend but so far have learned about ten things that I can use right away. Here's what makes the book such a gem: the target audience for each chapter seems to be experienced DBAs who haven't worked in that particular topic before, but who need a good quick start with examples they can actually use. They're each about 10 pages long but have enough details to give you a solid understanding of the concepts and usually some good examples that you can use immediately.

There are some more conceptual chapters like "What does it mean to be a DBA?" and "Louis and Paul's 10 key relational database design ideas" that are good summaries of some things you probably already know (or should know) but make great touchstones. Others like "BI for the relational guy" solve that classic "I wish someone had just told me X before I started" scenario.

As an added bonus, the authors are donating all their royalties to War Child, an organization that helps war-affected children worldwide.

The ebook version is only $35 and is worth every penny.

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