Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sorting Text Fields Numerically

Just a little tidbit that I came across this morning, involving sorting fields that have numeric data but in a text field.

In this instance, I'm using a cursor to loop through my tables and run sp_spaceused on them, and then put the results into a temporary table:
insert into #TableSizes exec sp_spaceused @objname = @name;

The problem is, when I select from the temp table:

select [Table Name]
, [Number of Rows]
, [Reserved Space]
, [Data Space]
, [Index Size]
, [Unused Space]
from [#TableSizes]
order by [Reserved Space] desc

the Reserved Space column isn't sorted correctly. I end up with something like this:

Table NameNumber of RowsReserved Space
TableD6096 KB
TableB587952 KB
TableA1111518728 KB
TableC6652908717752 KB

Because Reserved Space is a varchar column, it sorts as text, based on the first character first. So 9's sort to the top, even small numbers like 96.

The correct solution is probably to trim off the " KB" from the end, cast to an integer, and sort by that:

order by cast(left([Reserved Space],len([Reserved Space])-3) as int) desc

which then also allows you to use SUM, etc. on the column.

I was in a hurry and didn't want to mess around with all the parenthesis, and came up with a quick and dirty solution:

order by len([Reserved Space]) desc,[Reserved Space] desc

This sorts the longest strings (hence the biggest numbers) to the top of the list, and then sorts each string alphabetically from 9 to 0.

Not something you'll need to do every day, but I thought it was a neat solution.

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