Sunday, August 1, 2010

A quick gripe

My Eee netbook has a tiny little keyboard, and keys like page-up, page-down, and home are reached by pressing two keys: function-left arrow is the combination for "home".

On my ThinkPad, the ctrl and function keys are and always have been oddly reversed from other keyboards.

Consequently, the keystrokes for alt-home (which I use all the time while browsing), on the Eee PC are function-alt-left arrow. On the ThinkPad, doing the same thing with my fingers ends up with them pressing ctrl-alt-left arrow. I'll let you figure out what that does on your own computer. Let's just say it's annoying and I wish my fingers had two sets of presets like some fancy car seats, so I could program the same muscles to do different things on different keyboards.

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