Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome, and License Plate Woes

Welcome to Es Cue El.

This blog will be a place to post random thoughts about SQL projects I'm working on, things like the No SQL movement that interests/scares/annoys/intrigues me, and just generally a place to geek out. Hopefully I pick up some SQL friends along the way.

A little about me. I work for a software company in Cleveland, OH, and have held various positions over the past couple of decades, most recently "technical consultant." Although I've wandered a bit from programming to support to consulting to product management, I've always been heavily involved in database work, whether it's writing SQL, tuning performance issues, building data access layers, etc.

I've been looking for a creative outlet for a while, and decided that blogging about something I love would probably be a good place to start. Maybe that's a little like a professional race car driver taking up painting to relieve the stress of racing, and then ending up painting nothing but cars and ovals. But hey, it's a start. And I'll try to throw in a non-database post from time to time.

Oh, about the license plate. I decided to go all geek and get an obscure techie license plate. I surveyed my SQL friends to help decide between some good candidates: "SP WHO2", "NOLOCK", "VARCHAR", "ES CUE EL", "SQL FTW" (that last one from a leet-spoken young'n). In the end I went with a slightly different spelling:

I still like it, but somehow didn't notice the Spanish "que" or realize how many people would read it as "ess kay ell" (in Spanish it translates roughly to "it that the"). I took German in school and somehow missed it. Anyway, it's on my car for the next two years now, so I guess I'm stuck explaining it a lot-- but that's kind of what I wanted in the first place. If I had my life to live over, I might have gone with ES CUE EL. C'est la vie.

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